• Fintan Farrell Conservation & Restoration - Lime Pointing and Rendering

    Lime Pointing and Rendering

    Working with lime is a skill that’s been in use for over 2,000 years. Lime mortar and render is used for brick and stone buildings.

    Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is also functional. We work with lime as it’s a softer, more porous material than cement. This allows moisture to evaporate from the facade more freely, reducing issues with frost break and dampness on internal walls.


    Lime pointing & rendering is a great way to improve functionality and aesthetics of your building.


    • This treatment comes with a specification and design service 
    • This treatment comes with fully qualified lime plasterers  
    • This treatment comes with over 60 years combined lime pointing & rendering experience
  • Fintan Farrell Conservation & Restoration - Vortex Cleaning

    Vortex Cleaning

    Bricks and natural stones are permeable breathing materials. Environmental toxins and vegetation growth clog their pores, leading to decreased functionality and a sad looking façade or monument.

    Rotec cleaning is a form of micro-abrasive cleaning, an innovation by Remmers (link to Remmers Site) which sees the most gentle and effective method of cleaning on the market. So much so, Dublin City Council have approved micro abrasive cleaning as the only method to be used on the city’s monuments. Rotec Vortex cleaning can remove graffiti and paint in addition to pollutants and vegetation staining.

    Conservation technology has advanced rapidly over the last fifteen years, using the rotec vortex method of cleaning has been proven to increase the longevity of the brick or stone by 70 – 90% with cleaning required every 40 – 60 years once general maintenance is carried out regularly.


      Vortex cleaning will improve the longevity of your building

      • This treatment is carried out as an approved Remmers contractor 
      • This Treatment Comes with A Ten Year Guarantee when undertaken with façade protection treatment
    • Fintan Farrell Conservation & Restoration - Facade Protection

      Facade Protection

      Keeping water away from your building is challenging in Ireland. The conservation market has some wonderfully innovative products we can use to keep façades free from water and pollutants.

      We can now use hydrophobic impregnation technology to not only protect against water and pollutants, but also from frost and salt damage. These treatments provide rain tightness in just half an hour after application with treatment lasting approximately ten years, depending on the environmental conditions.


        Water repellents will help keep your building dry & free from excess moisture

        • This treatment is carried out as an approved Remmers contractor 
        • This Treatment Comes with A Ten Year Guarantee.
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